An ongoing chronological compilation of written pieces, arranged from newest to oldest.


A Decimated Soldier of Fortune, Pt. I [02.03.13]

Turn to face the beautiful struggle as a new day dawns
Meticulously strategize an arc for the allocated pawns
Hold hope for the best but prepare for the worst
The coming onslaught relentless as they strike first

Swords unsheathed like righteous crusaders
On the defensive, combating the invaders
Eyes peer across, narrowed with daggers
Footsteps faltering, the front line staggers

Peripheral barriers assaulted, reinforcements crumble down
See the glass chip crack and spider before feeling the hit sound
Weakened resolve knocks, falling to rock bottom on scarred knees
Oh Lord shout a mountaintop prayer, send a signal won’t you please

A Decimated Soldier of Fortune, Pt. II [02.03.13]

Hollowness resonates through the shell of a former self
Neglected trophies of victories past collect dust on the shelf
Wicked devils curate the insatiable in a fragile mind
The doors of some fresh hell thrown open as gears grind

Forsaken mercy blues notes echo in a loaded chamber
Broken melodies reach the open ears of willing saviors
Candles burn from both ends in the twenty-fifth hour
Midnight voices admitting again to deference of power

Coaxing wounded animals back into their cages
Soothed and subdued by words of ethereal sages
Weathered the storm, keeping trauma at bay
Rest and save strength – tomorrow’s another new day.

Up the Hill [12.22.12]

One day they got well and fell in lust with each other
Said goodbye to the pills and the other former lovers

So happy together, poised to take the world
The girl left the party, but the party never leaves the girl

Jack stayed neat, but worried about Jill
The longing in her eyes for another kind of thrill

Tempted by old numbers in her cellular phone
She hiked up her skirt, hit the club scene, and left Jack home alone

Met Molly and Lucy on a quest for God
And the young punks were ready with their diving rods

Up all night with the good-time friends
Jill pressed ‘Play’ on the tape & listened to the end

Furious, Jack started ranting about her raving
Turned back to the needle and now they both need saving

Jill stumbled back in, still high and loose
Found Jack stone dead, hanging from a noose

She packed up and ran, the cold-hearted bitch
Found three days later, rotting in a ditch

So you see, two users won’t make it sober
Before you choose your next lover, you best think it over.

Saints are the Sinners[12.19.12]

Dressed razor sharp in suits & ties
Down on the pharm it’s all misdirection
Mixing half-truths & matching whole lies
Lost in a mirror that shows no reflection

Eyes wide shut, shame takes its toll
Only the brightest seek shade in the night
An arm and a leg down the rabbit’s hole
Can’t pull yourself free, try as you might

The saints are the sinners (who keep trying)
Born into a lake of fire but never frying
The saints are the sinners (who quit lying)
Sweating like hell and never drying

Pressed for answers, the wheels start to turn
Trip wires triggered in a zone of danger
Caught in the act, the drip starts to burn
Glimpse a face in the blade, but it’s the face of a stranger

No love lost, but there’s none to gain
Stuck in limbo, suffering in kind
Hell hath no fury like the needle’s pain
Numb to the world, but only in your mind

The saints are the sinners (who keep trying)
Taking a life off but never dying
The saints are the sinners (who quit lying)
Drop in the bucket but never crying.

The Occupational Hazards of Dr. Jekyll[12.16.12]

Brace yourself Jekyll, ‘cause here comes Hyde
Pull the cork with your teeth, for one last ride
On the brink of insanity at the ends of the earth
Clinging on to the lawn for all that it’s worth

Blades of wet grass slip through fingertips
Falling again — long ago lost the grip
Feet all twisted, dragging hands and knees
Fumes on the brain, and the brain starts to freeze

But you drag yourself up, back to the helm
Chart a course for oblivion in a far-away realm
Command the crew to ‘Hoist that flag!’
Wipe sweat from your brow with a gin-soaked rag

‘Land ho!’ ahead, looming dark in the haze
Eyes blood-shot and beady, navigating a maze
Stumble and sway as the ship runs aground
Swollen ears ringing, you strain for a sound

Hit rock bottom running, feeling heat from the flame
Time to settle the score, in the most dangerous game
Fear starts to mount — it’s the thrill of the chase
There will be no silver, in this deadly race

Pulse begins to quicken, mouth clenched and teething
I’ve caught up to the monster and find myself seething
A moment of clarity marks my final ride
For the monster I was hunting, was the monster inside.


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