The Cow in the Parking Lot: Scripts

When our conditioning calls for us to react with outrage to something offensive, we do so, even if our reaction is totally counterproductive.  We follow our own script.  When it doesn’t produce the expected results and even makes us miserable, we still continue to follow our script, but now with an increased sense of outrage and martyrdom.

With such an unprecedented lack of personal, immediate accountability and/or threat of physical repercussion, the above is a great demonstration of what the internet has developed into over the past decade.

I am of course guilty of this.  My liberal bias and rapidfire media consumption have on several occasions led me to form ‘incendiary’ opinions with incomplete factual knowledge.  I even look back at some of the strongly-worded posts from around the inception of this project and shake my head, amused at how righteous I felt then (& still do now in some ways?).

How outraged can you really be?  A better question: if you’re so furious…do you have a constructive, productive solution for the problem?

If not, is it really worth getting so worked up over?



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