Most Things Don’t Matter

Really, they don’t.

Not all things, of course.  Some things matter incredibly!  Some things are the most important.

But pick any 3 things off the top of your head that are causing you worry, stress, or anxiety at the moment.

Take 10 deep breaths, having put everything else out of mind, focusing only on your airflow.

Return to those 3 mental concerns.  I’d be willing to bet one, if not two, if not all three aren’t really going to make your life SO MUCH BETTER or SO MUCH WORSE.

My mental inbox is often flooded with external pressures & tensions absorbed from the day-to-day grind of the world, which I internalize & accept as my own shortcomings or inadequacies.  I’m not perfect…why do I need to justify my imperfections to anyone, least of all myself?

I’m a human, as are we all.  Let’s take one giant step back from the trivial & the mundane and remember that things are rarely as serious as we make them out to be in our minds.  We are our own harshest critics.  This can have positive effects — but only if we learn not to take the negative so personally.

Spend time searching for meaning.  Focus your thoughts, idle and active, on purpose.  Because most things don’t matter.




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  1. Couldn’t agree more. I’ve been trying to slow down, empty my mind, breath and let go. It’s harder than it sounds but it helps a lot and I thank you for introducing me to it! You da man!!

  2. Most things don’t matter. Sounds like a good mantra.

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