Grateful Sunday #46: Pixels ‘n’ Snippets


Screenshot from a productivity blog I was reading the other night:

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 12.34.05 AM

Professionalism is recovery, and vice versa.  Are you gonna show up for your sobriety today? It works if you work it.
And it makes sense in my mind that if I can apply the above principles to other areas of life in the same ways that I do with my recovery, my potential for success is boundless.
  A dedication to consistency and integrity, in any pursuit or venture.
I created a “personal brand tagline” that appears in the margin of my professional resume beneath my contact information.
It reads:

‘The caliber of man who thinks and speaks mindfully, with purpose and clarity.’

My aim is to make that statement true for all interpersonal exchanges, be they the big business gladhanding or the day-to-day witty banter.

“Forget yourself.” My ego will still wear sunglasses at night because it tries to lowkey cover the bruises, but I know they’re there & I know it’s trying to tell me I’m cooler than I am. It is still insecure about the ways I have chosen to define myself as a person; especially when those characteristics are questioned or challenged.
If I can shake that dust and launch myself into the world at my fingertips (and peripherals), I quickly become less concerned with “me” and more invested in all that I, sober and awake, am able to process with my no longer dull & blunted senses. Life is a blessing, and that I get to do anything, at all, ever, constantly blows my mind.

After living without a television for the first half of this year, I bought myself a flatscreen shortly after I had settled into my full-time job.  For a myriad of reasons: a friend was selling it at a very decent price point; I had the disposable income to invest; I had never actually owned a flatscreen before; my bedroom felt a tiny bit incomplete without one.
The funny thing is since purchasing it in the middle of the summer, I have turned it on maybe a dozen times.  I would use it more for entertaining, but I don’t have guests that often.  I have pretty obviously replaced any time I used to spend in
front of a television with time in front of a computer screen. A book would be better! But at least with the internet, I am truly in control of what I read, watch, consume.
Turning on the TV was like cracking the cap on the bottle; planting myself for a marathon
was like drinking it until I didn’t have to think any more. The more time went on, the less I found myself able to unplug the box or even change the channel. It was all re-runs of the same program, and I didn’t even care.


I have had this exact thought before.  Everyone just wants to be heard; not everyone is as careful when it comes to listening. Communication & love are two-way streets that often intersect. When either is receiving mostly one-directional traffic, both suffer.


“Normal” is a very funny concept to me. It is perhaps some ancient herd mentality that is now an inherent part of most society, born of the early days of humanity.  ‘Fitting in’ is where it’s at. Sure, belonging is comfortable. But does it make you a weird person if you don’t? If you’re not like everyone else? Yes. No. Maybe. Probably. Doesn’t matter. All those other people struggle with their own identities, whether visible to you or not. So be fuckin’ weird. Embrace it. Because that’s what makes you, you. I’m not on this earth to be what other people think I ought to. You only get one life (that we know of anyway)…LIVE IT.
Stay grateful out there.



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