Grateful Sunday #20: Self-Empowered To Be Self-Made

As I’m becoming increasingly restless and frustrated with my pursuit for gainful employment, I’ve started to realize that the success or failure of this unending hunt may be wholly dependent on factors that are simply out of my control.  The last-ditch option is to fall back into another field or line of work (which I have zero desire to do, but it may be what I ultimately have to do).

I just can’t see the sense in voluntarily giving up the dream, when I already know what it is I want to do in my professional life.  Or maybe I’m just a spoiled millennial for thinking that I have any choice in the matter at all.  The fact remains that there is not a high demand for entry-level marketing/advertising/PR positions in this geographic area.  I regularly see dozens of postings (“There are dozens of us! DOZENS!”) for such work in the boroughs of NYC…but then there’s the catch-22 of the extremely high cost of living.  Most especially because my bank account currently stands at something like $0.62.


Exceptional album. Another gratitude: that I was old enough to appreciate music while the Beastie Boys were still releasing new records.

Central New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down.  The townships and even smaller cities in this area were once booming industrial havens; as factory labor has been mechanized/outsourced, the opportunities for employment have become scarce.  It’s pretty difficult to do good PR work for abandoned, boarded-up offices & warehouses.  However, I am aware that this plight is not unique to upstate NY – this is simply the way it is in our country now.  This is the modern man’s struggle.

The solution I need, then, is to engage in the modern man’s hustle.  I will have the most luck finding the best jobs not through endless website-search mining, but rather out in the world, on the streets – connecting with people.  Glad-handing the high-rollers; sweet-talking the sharks in suits; trading tales with the power-players.  I think back to my time running the streets as a promoter in Rochester…had I been actively looking, I could have solidified more than a few business connects as potential new employers.

“I will show you all you need to know /
You must hold on to anyone that wants you /
And I will love you through simple and the struggle /
But girl, you got to understand the modern man must hustle

‘God Loves Ugly’ in its entirety is just a firestorm of timeless beats & potent lyricism. Highly recommended for any with even a mild interest in hip-hop. And fun fact: this album celebrates its 11th anniversary in two days’ time.

But I wasn’t, and so I didn’t.  Probably my biggest obstacle to overcome in working the networking angle is being without a driver’s license.  Makes you realize how easy it is to take advantage of, when you find it’s been revoked for a full 12 months.  I’ve paid for my D.U.I. financially, yes…but socially and professionally, as well.  I count myself very fortunate, that this did not obliterate my career and strip me of my livelihood; others aren’t so lucky.  Still, the effects are far-reaching: I may have my license restored within the next couple of weeks, but it will be years before I am able to own a vehicle in my name again, between the astronomical insurance rates I’ll now be subjected to, and the lofty lump sum of capital required to buy a car in the first place.

It’s never been in my nature to worry about these sorts of situations; my abilities to accept & adapt are among my finest attributes of character.  It’s more just that these nuisances are annoying as shit.  And it would be when I would take to drinking to cope with them, that they would become exacerbated ten-fold; indeed, drinking was often the root cause of my problems.  So I suffer some personal & professional setbacks here & now, but in the long-term I am setting myself up for a life of relative success & happiness.  So be it.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Saturday night I went to get my 6-month sobriety token with a good friend of mine from rehab, and we stopped to the Taste of Syracuse festival on the way home, where Loverboy was the headlining musical act.  It was equal parts awesome and hilarious to see this live, in 2013. Notable moments in this version: 2:03, where a crazed female fan joins the singer onstage; and 2:38 for my Game of Thrones fans – is that Theon Greyjoy on bass??


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